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Lose half a stone for free

Lose half a stone
in 2 weeks, for

Colette, lost 30lbs in 4 months
Colette, lost 30lbs in 4 months
Lose half a stone for free
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Get started with 70 free meals, group support, access to our app, and personalised care.

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2-week free trial
  • Lose half a stone on average
  • All your food for 2 weeks
  • Experience life on the Habitual programme, for free
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Our free trial is just the start.

Our programme includes...
  • All your food for 3 months and half your food for the next 3 months, at just £1.78/meal (billed in 4 monthly instalments of £199 each)
  • A lifetime of free support
  • Private group support and access to our Patient Care team
  • Daily expert-written habit change lessons
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